What Does elborne mean? It’s a combination of my last name and my mother’s maiden name.

Why sustainable fashion? I have always been obsessed with fashion and had profound compassion for animals and concern for the environment. I never thought these were conflicting mindsets until, as a vegan in college, I felt like a hypocrite wearing leather but there were no fashionable alternatives, besides Stella McCartney, who I have always loved but couldn’t afford! I associated sustainable fashion with crunchy, frumpy style. I started researching fashionable sustainable alternatives and quickly realized there were many emerging sustainable designers designing incredible fashion but there wasn’t a strong platform bringing them all together for women like me. I knew something had to be done.

What’s your professional background? I started my career in the luxury fashion industry. My first real job was in design where one of my responsibilities was to source materials. This is where I saw the really ugly side of the industry—the waste and cruelty. I learned how feathers, fur, and leather were harvested and that was enough for me. I did not want to contribute to an industry that did not compliment my personal values so I went back to school to pivot my career and went on to work in tech consulting. After years of consulting and working with clients across many different industries, I decided I wanted to create my own business. Coupling my experience in fashion and tech with my passion for the environment, I founded elborne.

Where are you from? I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area but grew up in Houston and Chicago. As an adult, I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Fort Worth, Austin, London, DC, and New York. Phew!

What did you study in school? First, fashion design at FIDM in Los Angeles. Then I wanted to make a career switch I went to TCU to study Fashion Merchandising and Business.

What’s your fashion philosophy? I value style over trends and encourage our customers to buy that one incredible high-quality piece over several smaller trendy pieces. With elborne, we really strive to deliver a very well edited, very well presented, very focused assortment that will compliment our clients busy and complex lives. Also, fashion should be fun! Although sustainability and the ethics involved are serious subjects, I would never want to make someone feel bad for buying clothes. That’s why we are here to offer better alternatives for women who love fashion and live conscious lives. I want women to shop with us first and foremost because they love the fashion and feel great knowing they are supporting brands and designers with sustainability and ethics in their DNA.

Ashley is 28 years old and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and business partner, Bryant, their 2 dogs Anchovy and Reggae, and cat Pico.

Questions or comments for Ashley? Ask her! Ashley@elborneliving.com