By: Adrienne Suhm

It’s undeniable that healing crystals are having a cultural moment: celebrities from Katy Perry to Miranda Kerr are sharing their experiences with crystals, and these unique stones are coming to the forefront of self care, health, and wellness. But the use of crystals for healing dates back at least 6,000 years to ancient Egypt, China, and America, where early societies viewed precious stones as protective and ceremonial amulets. In modern times, crystals are most commonly associated with Eastern medicinal practices, because they are used to bring the the body’s seven chakras, or energy fields, into alignment.

Crystals themselves are millions of years old, a side effect of various elements undergoing extreme heat and pressure during the Earth’s formation. Due to their unique creation and millennia of history, each crystal vibrates with its own specific frequency and is able to absorb energy from the surrounding environment. A number of modern technologies such as watches, televisions, cell phones, and computers include crystal components that interfere with and drain the body’s natural energy field when overused. By contrast, healing crystals help to dissolve negativity while simultaneously increasing the flow of energy throughout the body. While there is no scientific consensus to support the positive effects of crystals, the vibrations that stones emit are thought to facilitate healing in the human body. On a more basic level, healing crystals can provide a daily reminder to manifest health and wellness and to tap into your spiritual being.

Selecting, Clearing, and Activating a Crystal

When selecting a crystal, it is important to find one that resonates with you personally. Below, we provide a list of nine good starter stones, or popular crystals that have a variety of healing properties. Rather than searching online, we recommend visiting a health and wellness store in person, where you can speak with a healer that knows where each crystal is sourced and how to select your stone. Take notice of how you feel while holding or observing various crystals, and which crystals you are drawn to. It is better for focus on the appeal of a crystal’s color, shape, and size than its listed purpose or properties.

Crystals that you use daily should be cleared on a weekly basis, while crystals that you use less often can be cleaned monthly. Clear away residual negative energy in one of the following ways:

  1. Soak the crystal in saltwater overnight. Saltwater is a purifying substance that will clear all residual negative energy from your stone.
  2. Hold the crystal under running water, while imagining the negative energy flowing outward and away from it.
  3. Store your crystal in a bag with a piece of clear quartz, which has cleansing properties that can clear other stones.
  4. Burn a bundle of sage leaves (a process called smudging) and run your crystal through the smoke while focusing on your intention for it. Smudging will cleanse the crystal of stagnant and negative energy.
  5. Leave your crystal outside or on a windowsill during a full moon, the time of the month when lunar energy, a powerful cleanser, is at its strongest.

Lastly, to activate your crystal, stand in sunlight or a well-lit room and set an intention in your mind. This can be related to the specific healing properties of the crystal or simply reflect what you hope to manifest in your life at that moment. Afterwards, it is preferable to keep the crystal near your body for a few days to create the strongest connection with it.

Uses for Healing Crystals

Once you selected and cleared your crystals, there are a variety of ways to use them. For the strongest effects, natural healers recommend wearing your stone as a necklace or carrying it in your pocket or purse throughout the day. Whenever you think of it, simply hold your crystal for a few moments and focus on the intention that you have set. You can also place a crystal in household locations where you spend a significant portion of your time, such as under your pillow or on your nightstand. You should have daily contact with your crystal for maximum benefits.

Alternately, you can hold a crystal in your left hand during a meditation practice. The left hand contains a vein that runs directly to the heart and serves as a line for receiving and circulating energy throughout your body. Connecting with a crystal during meditation can help to focus and ground you, and placing a crystal on your body during Savasana (corpse pose) during the last few minutes of yoga will stimulate a deeper meditation. When you are not meditating, we suggest arranging your healing stones in a crystal grid in your meditation space, altar, or yoga mat. A geometric pattern of crystals placed on a cloth will transform the energy in a room and help you to manifest intentions more quickly. Furthermore, they bring a piece of earthy energy to your sacred space.

Recent trends include placing a crystal in purified water for drinking or including them in DIY spa treatments. Crystals will produce a slight change in the texture, clarity, and taste of drinking water. They also improve the quality, pH-value, and oxygen content of water while neutralizing harmful substances. Reusable crystal water bottles are available online, but if you are going to make a DIY crystal elixir, be sure to conduct extensive research beforehand – some stones can be toxic to humans. To reap similar physical benefits, you can let crystals soak in bathwater or a bowl of water before you wash your face. Water is a strong transmitter of energy that will amplify the benefits of your crystals.

Keep in mind that healing crystals should not be used as an alternative to medicine and can instead be thought of as a supplement to your overall health and wellness routine.

Are you just starting out a healing crystal practice? Here are nine essential crystals for home and healing:

Black Obsidian

As the stone most commonly associated with the root chakra, black obsidian is particularly protective and grounding. It is also known as the “stone of transformation” for its ability to facilitate change.


While citrine is the stone of the solar plexus chakra and the birthstone of November, it can also manifest abundance and success. Citrine can boost self-confidence, leadership skills, and optimistic energy.

Rose Quartz

Traditionally known as the “love stone” for its pink hue and romantic powers, rose quartz will attract peace, comfort, and love (both romantic and platonic) to your life. It can also enhance empathy and selflessness.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli was the original healing stone used by ancient Egyptian royalty, who believed that it could ward off evil spirits. Today, Lapis Lazuli is thought to promote intellect and wisdom, and as the stone of the throat chakra, it can also help to strengthen communication skills.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the crown chakra stone and one of the most common “starter stones,” because it creates power and clears negativity, both for you and within your other crystals. Quartz is formed inside volcanoes and is thought of as a master healer for its ability to enhance your energy as well as the energy of your other crystals.


Because of its association with the crown chakra, Amethyst is typically regarded as the most powerful stone for spirituality. It can also have a calming, meditative, and peaceful effect as it rids negative energy from the space.


A traditionally Chinese stone that is widely used for luck, jade can also attract wealth and good fortune. Mix jade with coins or money in the home to manifest abundance.


Traditionally used for spiritual intuition and growth, Moonstone is also a particularly strong feminine stone. It will help enhance traditionally feminine strengths, such as creativity, perception, sensitivity, and empathy.

Tiger’s Eye

This stone can help to resolve uncertainty and encourage integrity. With stripes that emulate shafts of light, Tiger’s Eye can bring stability, warmth, and protection to the owner.